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Windows Vista SP1

Windows Vista SP1 Includes More Than 300 Hot Fixes

Microsoft has made available a 47-page document that describes the fixes and says more may be added.

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has released a detailed roster of the contents of its forthcoming service pack for Windows Vista, and the list includes more than 300 hot fixes covering everything from data protection to video performance. The list, recently posted on Microsoft’s Web site, can be downloaded as a 47-page document that the company says is not exhaustive. Microsoft plans to add more fixes and patches to Windows Vista SP1 before a final version is released to the public early next year.

For now, Vista users can entertain themselves by poring over the hundreds of updates that Microsoft says will be part of SP1.

Among them: a fix for a problem in which optical disks turn blank after being formatted with Vista’s Live File System; a patch for a glitch that generates an error message when large files are copied from one Vista-based computer to another over a network; and an update designed to improve Vista’s speed when its operating on a computer linked to a virtual private network.

Other updates are meant to improve Internet Explorer’s streaming video performance and prevent data loss in USB devices connected to Vista PCs. There’s also a fix that adds a Venezuelan time zone.

Microsoft said some of the fixes detailed in the list are already available to the public as individual downloads, while others will only be released as part of the final version of Vista SP1.

Unfortunately for some Vista users — especially those running custom business apps — the service pack will not fix some application compatibility problems that affect the current version of Vista.

The Vista SP1 lengthy documentation runs counter to earlier statements by Microsoft officials that the company was not planning to release a “big bang” service pack for the operating system, which debuted in January.

Microsoft marketing VP Michael Sievert told InformationWeek in Marchthat Vista was “high quality right out of the gate” and that the company would likely dribble out small updates as required via its Windows Update service.

Since then, however, users have apparently reported enough problems with Vista to force a change in Microsoft’s thinking.

Who Needs Photoshop?

Trendwatch By Mark Raby

The online photo pioneer Flickr has announced a new suite of online image editing tools, powered by Picnik. With wifi camera cards now available, the Flickr Picnik editor theoretically makes it possible to go straight from your camera to a well polished image shared on Flickr all without ever involving desktop software.

Okay, the editing options in Picnik aren’t going to have anyone ditching Photoshop completely, but for basic edits like red eye reduction, exposure tweaks and cropping and rotating photos, the new editing options will likely do the trick.

To use the new features just login to your Flickr account and head to a photo you’d like to edit. Above each of your photos you’ll see a new “edit photo” icon, click that and once you’ve given Picnik permission to edit and save your photos, the Picnik editor will load. Depending on the size of your image it can take a little while to load the Picnik interface, but once it does the editor is quite snappy and intuitive to use.

Editing tools in Picnik include all the basic photo retouching options — crop, resize, adjust exposure and colors, apply effects, add text, and more. There’s also a set of clip art you can overlay and some custom borders. Most of the features are free though some of the special effects filters, like the very-popular-on-Flickr “Lomo effect,” will require a Picnik premium account ($25/year). Premium features are all clearly labeled as such in the Picnik interface.

Flickr’s core users take their photography seriously (or at least take themselves seriously) and while the Picnik editor is nice, it isn’t going to satisfy everyone. However, even if you’re a hardcore Photoshop snob, Picnik is still a handy way to touch up mobile phone images, which are often uploaded directly to Flickr — making online retouching a logical way to improve those images.

Many users may wonder why Flickr didn’t opt to wait for the somewhat more professionally geared Photoshop Express, which is a fair question. But given that even Express still probably won’t satisfy more demanding users, the reason seems obvious — the target demographic here is the casual Flickr user and for them Picnik’s drop dead simple interface more than fit the bill.

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