The 8e6 Internet filter box has been turned on so that all PCs in the Birmingham Central and Branch libraries should now be using it for Internet Filtering. This means that the Birmingham Public Library is currently filtering chat and porn sites from being accessed on all machines.
Personal web sites hosted by such providers as Geocities and Yahoo are blocked, and if a patron wishes to view such a site this may be accomplished by turning off filtering for a limited period of time.
A blocked site may also be submitted for re-evaluation. This re-evaluation process is done without consultation with BPL.
Clicking on the Override button will immediately remove filtering for the allotted amount of time. It will also take the user directly to the site for which they were requesting the filter be removed.
The following link will take you to a list of the content filtering categories used by our 8e6 filtering box. 8e6 Category List
ATTENTION: Overriding the filter does not absolve the patron or staff from observing the Jefferson County Library Cooperative Internet filtering policy. To view the JCLC web Filtering Policy go to http://www.jclc.org/systempolicy.html.