Reporting Problems to IT/Services

Steps in reporting a problem

Step 1 — CSL:

The CSL is the first line of contact when experiencing a computer, network or printer problem. The CSL will attempt to resolve the problem. If the problem can’t be resolved by the CSL, they will either enter the problem into the Track-It Web module, or if they determine it to be a Critical issue they may call IT-Services.

Step 2 — Track-It and the HelpDesk:

The second line of problem resolution will be to use Track-It to contact the IT-Services HelpDesk. The HelpDesk Technician will monitor Track-It for new Work Orders and make an attempt to either resolve or determine the cause of the problem. If the HelpDesk staff are unable to resolve the problem, they will assign it to a field Technician.

Once resolved, the Technician may enter the resolution into the resolution field. If a generic solution is arrived at, the solution may also be entered into the Solutions database for future access by the CSLs. Frequently asked questions may also be found in the Solutions database.

Step 3 — Telephone for Emergency Service:

In Critical Automation need cases, where your Network or some other vital service is disrupted, call IT-Services immediately and ask for the Help Desk.

Click the link below to locate your CSL


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